Volkswagen: Rocking Horse

New Multivan Startline, made for life aboard.

Advertising Agency: Piment DDB, Paris, France
Creative Directors: Remi Gross, Axel Roy
Art Director: Matthieu Chanvrin
Copywriter: Emmanuel Zerafa
Photographer: Achim Lippoth
Published: 2007


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leeloo dallas multivan - yeah i'm lost too.

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The van rocks like that too?


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I'm supposing what they are trying to say is that the ride is so exciting and wonderful that kids get so bored with just sitting on a plain old rocking horse that they fall asleep, and this sentence is so long to get the point across in an equally long-drawn-out fashion... which is out of fashion, just like the ad.

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I am very lost too. Maybe the van will take her to the wild west while her rocking horse can't, so she is bored? Or is she dreaming about the wild west...who knows?

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hmmm... i also don't get it. Maybe you are right "littlecake".... but this would work better with a Ferrari!


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i thought vw was all about safety !!!!??
this one is definitely the most dangerous
she could rock back and fall flat on her head?!

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