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nice one!

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Sometimes, I dont like copy......

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Nos queda claro que cuando una sensación se inventa el mensaje se aisla por sí sólo. El copy no tiene la culpa de estar en una idea básica e irreal.

"Aquí también se opina en español y em português".

"no silencies lo que no sabes expresar".

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Are you sure that this is great and nice? Ok – concept is fine maybe, but i'm not sure about the execution. Photo of cars is really from the different world than biophoto of veins and bloodcells. I would rather think that this is the rough layout, rehearsal rather than final product.

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Are you guys serious? Seems a little self-indulgent. It's just not doing it for me.

Why would the heart start beating faster when VWs are in your blood?

slim's picture
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'It's in your blood' has been done to death as a concept. Nothing especially new or interesting here.

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Disco Munky
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The words of a lonely man.

Let me see if I can guess.

You have short greying hair, thick rimmed glasses (not black tho), you like to think you're better than anyone who smokes, probably a vegetarian....no just fish and chicken. No red meat. Read books about "figures in history" and see parallels between them and yourself, consider any music from after the early 90's as rubbish. Single....or long term partner who you won't marry because you secretly hope you'll meet someone better. You're not boss but you think that you could do their job better and have said so but never to anyone at work.

Pretend I'm wrong and slag me in some 'pseudo intellectual' way, and go and tell that one other guy in the office that's kind of on your wave length about this.

I've got you. ;)

I'm off to see Dizzy Rascal.


Doin' it for the points

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umm...uncalled for?

slim's picture
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issues, obviously

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done by playstation many years ago.

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me thinks
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Done before.

Grab 'Creative Advertising' or 'No-Copy Advertising'. It's there.

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Come on man, damn near everything on here has been done before. An original idea in this day and age is like a unicorn. Everyone knows they're there, they're just hard to find.

That's a joke btw.

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Sooo forced. The windshield one was better. By far.

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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There are so many ads on this site that have great potential, great ideas, and are completely ruined with terrible copy.

If you're an amazing art director but can't write (not all, but almost every AD I've ever worked with), hire a copywriter! Don't let your great work fall by the wayside due to lazy copywriting (or simply mediocre copywriting).

I can't imagine that this ad actually ran.

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I dont like it.

First, it DOES NOT look like the heart is beating faster. I’m not even sure thats a heart. And the cars look stuck on the blood cells -- looks really forced. I thought it was the planet MARS or something.

The copy could be for any product in the world. How is that copy a benefit for VW cars...?

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You heart stops at the end since your blood veins are clogged by the cars, hahaahaaa!!!

mrtalented's picture
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i can see that he/she has no Cholesterol, juts CARlesterol. lol

by the way, the line makes me sleepy while the visual pumps up my heart beats.

puppiepoppy's picture
1634 pencils

I think the line is intentionally to make you feel sleepy, so that it will balance up your emotion....so that you won't go into a CARdiovascular arrest! lol.

Totto's picture
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lol??? gimme a break .. your joke is making me sleepy.

Intelligent ads are the need of the hour.

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Looks a bit like da scene from Twister...jst dat it happened in da sets of Total Recall.

The copy - wat can I say...PHEW!

Im goin on a CARdiac arrest.

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discuss: if there's no cars in the picture, maybe more attractive.

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