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this campaign not so brilliant as other

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Does sticking a Red Cross sticker on a Polo make it tough?

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reviewing this print i mentioned it either. As i was saying not so slear at all...as for me

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It's going to be dropped out of the plane.

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and why red cross? anyway, such questions appears in TA's minds. that's what the problem about this ad

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William Bernbach - An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it.

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Red Cross+Polo=Tough fukin Car...


Drink some magic potion...maybe it'll help...or maybe u already had too much!

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I'm guessing this started out as making the VW look tough by adding it in a military scenario. Then someone said "war is the wrong message to send" so they added the red crosses.

Maybe the Red Cross VW can help the guy on the ladder with no head.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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No, I think it started out "how high can we drop this baby and it's still in one piece?"
War has nothing to do with it in my opinion. It's simply to suggest its indestructibility (however successful or otherwise). But like someone said, this campagn is not as cerebral as the past VW Polo work...

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This campaign is just toooo fake, big logo with big typos and they even forgot the car shot on this execution is just way too weird.

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It's so damn nice.... not.

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makes me sleepy, useless......

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too try hard.

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This is like the very poor cousin of the FedEx ad with a FedEx truck delivering an ambulance.

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