Volkswagen Phaeton: Battlefield

The Volkswagen Phaeton. Handcrafted Luxury.

Advertising Agency: DDB Mudra Group, Mumbai, India
Chief Creative Officer: Bobby Pawar
National Creative Director: Rajeev Raja
Art Director: Prasad Jindam
Copywriter: Prasad Jindam
Illustrator: Nishikant Palande
Photographer: Sandeep Barge
Published: March 2010


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it could be for any product

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Uh not for cars that aren't a) hand-crafted or b) luxury cars.

These are great. Not necessarily as "smart" as VW ads tend to be but still engaging and above average.

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He meant: could be for any product category. And he is right.

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I don't see the VW logo incorporated in the illustration. Was the ad successful demographically? I luv the illustration - well executed. Not sure from this part of the world if it shouts "handcrafted luxury".

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I think the idea is cool but the 3 executions are the same... you can say handcrafted with something other than a carpet no?

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i love the campaign..Brilliant one for the indian masses. Remember seeing this in the newspapers...VW must be congratulated for giving their ads the Indian touch.and not like any other BMW or Merc ads that just show the car in different angles with verbose copy below them... this was wot made me notice the Phaeton....Naaaicceeee

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Best of the lot!!!

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what i dont understand is what has the art director contributed in this campaign? shudnt the illustrator be given credit as an art director aswell? very lame effort from art direction point of view. Didnt take the illustrations ahead, atleast could have used 3 different types of papers rather than same parchment effect ones.

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i loved the illustration and the ethnic beauty it has. It surely does speak lot about Volkswagen being everywhere. I loved it.

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