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no please, a 100 euros bill to ad the new passat, and the other one, 20 euros. that´s not the way. the visual is nice, and the paper work is really good, but not for VW ad.

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I don't understand.

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Low consumption low emissions - not that difficult.
Looks nice to me and nicely executed.

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Was for me, and for a lot of others on here it seems.

Needed your explanation for me.

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Compared to what I've seen for VW-Audi brands from Italy in here, this is decent. Still I find the connection to the brand pretty far-off and thus the idea weak. The artwork's good though.

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I can see what you mean, but... doesn't feel quite there.
That tagline tends to railroad the creative.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Time is money. Money is (apparently) a frog.

Therefore, time is a frog.

This wisdom brought to you by me, with an assist from Socrates. ;-)


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Ha ha ha! I wish there was more frogs in a day! I've got a meeting in half a frog and I haven't had frog to do the work.

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Fish was ok but the frog and VW . What relevency can I assume...
Economically ok but ecologically far behind.

-Where is the impossible?

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I think Im good...
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I'm covinced u guys are high on something - where's the bang! in the ad for a start - forget about the message that's elementary.

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very very boring.

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