Volkswagen: Parachute

Which one would you buy?
Volkswagen original parts. Worth every penny.

Advertising Agency: AlmapBBDO, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Art Director: Andre Gola
Copywriter: Andre Godoi

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If they're exactly the same, I'd go for the less expensive one. But since I'm trusting my life to it, I'm almost wondering if the more expensive one is the way to go... With that said, which one is volkswagen?

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i was wondering the same thing

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Could you explain it for me?

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I didnt get it...

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was really surprised that his hasn't been awarded in cannes!

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I like the idea but. Don’t you think that it would be better if de cheapest one showed some cheap, small differences?

I mean, if it’s the same product i would go for the cheapest.

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I agree with you! The image is duplicated and it leaves me wanting to purchase the cheaper product. In this case, both parachutes seem to open and look to have no tears so I don't see the problem. I know that Almap has its fanbase, but c'mon.

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That´s the point, to look similar: LIke the car ´s part. They look all the same to me.
Great JOB!!

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We're told to treat out audience with intelligence.
Some of you make me wonder why.

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That is the exact point of the ad. If there is completely no difference between the aspect of two parts, one original and the other cheap and - maybe - fake, who will risk his/her LIFE to buy the cheaper?

I like the concept.

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simple and effective. thumbs up to fresh thoughts

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i like.

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I can see what they have tried to do. It works in one way but then doesn't. It's almost like one of those optical illusion paintings where it's one drawing that has two images in it. By the reaction of the comments it's not just me who isn't completely sold. It's not flawless. I'm out!

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this is based on the assumption that the more expensive something is, the better the quality is. However, this isnt always true.

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I love it! Great idea! Simple and effective.

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what's creative their?
i don't get how people can like it, this coming from the ages, isn'it?
i mean, two same things and one's cheaper, with THAT line???
for me that really really sucks

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Love this work.

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cheaper might be better...
and it says VW parts are always expensive...

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Which one is the volks?
are you telling that there are other same cars?

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Ed Rapport
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Is cheaper good in this ad campaign... both parachutes look exactly the same so, if price is the factor, I would opt for the lower priced one instead. Especially in today's economy..

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Simply great.

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