Darrin Stephens's picture
Darrin Stephens
242 pencils

I've never seen the word macaroni spelled like the above. Is this yet another case of Americans screwing-up a perfectly good spelling much like tyre/tire?

spronski's picture
54 pencils

Am I missing something?
Being suprised and dropping stuff ... that's it ... ?
pffrrt, that's weak ...

william_wang's picture
14 pencils

It should mean this.

But, too boring method to express interest.

lsadunb's picture
575 pencils

Already done! Millions and millions of times.

postman's picture
951 pencils

The lollipop one is the only one that really works for me. But still, all of them look so fake.

x-men's picture
340 pencils

See more ads of the world, go to cannes, open some one shows... come on guys! this is possible one the most used idea in advertising.

MarceloG's picture
820 pencils

Very good idea. VW always uses this king of (good) aproach to shoe their low prices.
In God I trust

twelve_noon's picture
617 pencils

an ice-cream just dropped on my keyboard. You can do better guys...

Axxl's picture
208 pencils

This campaign has been done before for VW. In a better way and with a better execution. It even got an award at D&AD...

SurrealEndeavor's picture
56 pencils

Best one of the campaign is the jaw, I laughed and thought it was easist to catch on.

kalpesh78's picture
2580 pencils

really bad work.. and they're recycling their own ideas..

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

Marco Vecchia's picture
Marco Vecchia
4 pencils

Anyway, this is the right italian spelling of "maccheroni".

Rog's picture
6094 pencils

O Dio! ;(

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

Jumo's picture
592 pencils

It's funny all the same !! MDR !!

Art Director FP7 Morocco

ziriguidum's picture
78 pencils

Done, done and done thousand times, come on DDB Italy wake up...

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