Volkswagen: Luxury meets Labour, 1

Luxury meets labour. The Amarok.

Advertising Agency: Grabarz & Partner, Germany
Creative Directors: André Price, Jan-Florian Ege
Art Direction: André Price
Graphic Designers: Sönke Jansen, André Price
Copywriter: André PriceJan-Florian Ege
Account Managers: Anissa Ghanem, Malin Beckmann
Art Buying: Anna Simdon
Produktion: Oliver Fleischer
Post Production / 3D: GLOSS Postproduction
Handbag Designer: Frieda Bellmann

April, 2013


Can I have fries with this's picture
Can I have frie...
150 pencils

Simple but great Idea. Nice Artwork!

Edoftheworld's picture
161 pencils

Too literal. Weak.

Can I have fries with this's picture
Can I have frie...
150 pencils

you are awesome man.

Andrej Troha's picture
Andrej Troha
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@Edoftheworld: You must be new to this business. The point of advertising is not creating super-smart, oh-fuck-how-clever-i-am, cannes-lion-winning, semi cryptic ads that only a few understand. Average consumer will give you 1.5 seconds of their time when flipping thru magazine or driving by a billboard. That’s it. That’s all the time you have to convey the message and grab attention. And yes, advertising is mostly literal, with some clever (and occasionally humorous) twists. It’s not art, it’s a craft at best with lots of psychology thrown in. The goal of advertisers is to move a client’s product and build his brand. If you want art, interpretation, introspective and deep thoughts, go to an art gallery, read a book or watch Dogme 95 film.

andylefty's picture
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Surely the guy can express his opinion without being told he 'must be new to the business'.

Andrej Troha's picture
Andrej Troha
613 pencils

Surely I can express my opinion without being told how to express it.
Plus: “you must be…” is an assumption, “you are…” is a statement. Not quite the same thing.

schizogal's picture
20 pencils

My favorite visual! Great concept!

Andrej Troha's picture
Andrej Troha
613 pencils

Best in series.

morse's picture
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This is the best indeed.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

riyelam's picture
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This one relates with relity also... they are carry bags for the instrument not the covers

learningcurve's picture
183 pencils

Don't know if the simplicity is an advantage, or just makes it too boring.

jbuckingham's picture
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I've seen a lot of "something meets something else" and a combined mash up visual, that's all

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