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It does not seem so great for a Jetta that the Pizza Scooter can keep up. Should have been a crotch rocket. :-)

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Sandeep Sinnarkar

When you've called for one, I guess you'll ensure it does catch up.

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152 pencils

haha very good point

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Blessilda Mok
117 pencils

Very good ad.

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Don't eat and drive or you will spill cola on yourself and bang in a tree.


Blessilda Mok's picture
Blessilda Mok
117 pencils

I don't comment literally.

I am not desperate, I like this ad.

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it should have been illustrated.

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if my memory serves me rite, there ws an ad where a pizza guy is delivering to a man sittg in th car. only difference ws tht th car is static.

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The idea is ok an connects well to the product. I don't like the visual very much, though. It's a bit too much in-your-face.

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In your face is what it's all about in advertising... you know zany stuff like dog's with sunglasses on riding skateboards! yeah! in your face -lots of attitude!

postman's picture
951 pencils

Subtle works too, sometimes! This one's not so much in-your-face (no pun intended):


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Great ad, great concept... keep on driving
I would like to see the tv ad of this campaign

Julian Guarin...Creative Copywriter

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Hey Blessilda Mok, funny that you had to only respond to each of these ads in a very positive way. Isn't the internet great. :-)

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Blessilda Mok
117 pencils

Yeah, baby! It's got accepted in One Show so what's bugging you?

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It's exactly the same concept that the french ad for Renault Scenic... (2005 Publicis)

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kevin goh
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It's exactly a clever ad.

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gokhan bas

Maybe using a more powerful vehicle near the car to show its power could be better i think.

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muy buena campaña, clara y original.

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