Human emissions, Recepies

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December 2009

If you read these ads you emit as much as the car does over 1km.

Other(s): Account Director: Lars Axelsson. Planner: Cecilia Cederlid, Account Manager: Barbro Långjuth. Graphic Designer: Niklas Andersson

Print advertisment created by DDB, Sweden for Volkswagen, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: DDB Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Director(s): Andreas Dahlqvist
Copywriter(s): Martin Lundgren
Art Director(s): Simon Higby

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smart one

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Somehow the copy was too much and tedious, not at all interesting. I mean one can make out in the starting itself that the copy isnt about the product, it was quite obvious. I skipped the copy part and later found out that i did the right thing. Anyways, thought aint very new, this type of copy ads have been made earlier as well.

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why didnt they approach it visually?

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CO2 is a nutrient. Plants can't grow without it. To claim it is a pollutant is ignorant. Cars emit pollutants but CO2 ISN'T ONE OF THEM!!!!