Volkswagen GTI: Pee in the pants, Tattoo

It will go fast

Advertising Agency: BIG Advertising, Beijing, China
Creative Director: Jun Zhang
Art Director: Tao Meng
Copywriter: Yang Yu
Illustrators: Zhigang Li, Xiaoming Cheng

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GROSS from VW...
unbelievably ugly and bereft of any idea!
this is the first time i have been so disappointed by a VW ad.

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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Nidal Almohtadi
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we would keep getting on cliches if we don't change the way of thinking and accustomed behavior. Bodily fluids are not disgusting. They are real. And this is the image of a real expression.

Disturbing? Yes!!!... And disturbance is the most effective way of attraction.

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Showing this image is a cliches too. I've seen this kind of "ideas" before. The only thing, and why do i agree with the guys, is i've never thought VW would use it.

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What do you smoke?

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Yes, i agree this is a cliche.
O, wait you were talking about something else.
I was talking about the ad. It is an 80's cliche.

Think it for a while.
Then, in anytime, it will come to your mind as an idea.

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crap. idea is not bad, but there are more elegant ways to show 'tough guys in fear' than pissed pants

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Peeing in pants comes due to gross fear and uncertainity. In this case, peeing in my pants means am not sure of the car's safety capability and also unsure of the braking system, shock absorbers, steering transmission, among others.

All these would give me a reason to run for my dear life and avoid this VW as much as I can.

Very poor concept. Dull!

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good. the tone of the message is also cool, daring and harsh.

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This message means car is not safe at all. Wrong wrong concept, boys.

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This concept is a negative reflection for the brand. It is quite disturbing, perhaps this is for the people who like this fetish.

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very bad

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maybe a copy like "The new GTI Collection" would be smartest

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I also don't believe those ad's has actually been used or approved by Volkswagen. From my own working experience with them in Germany presenting such crap would lead to beeing immediately thrown out of the meeting. Nevertheless, the old Pirelli claim comes to mind as an alternative: "Power is nothing without control"....

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Is this serious?

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I can't believe a client approved this, especially in China where 'face' is so important. So I am calling 'shenanigans'! Or scam.

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