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... its already been done...

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Yawn! I fell asleep before I got to the bottom. She work well on their target audience!

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i ran over a cat last week and it ended up in almost that exact spot. ironic.

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Now, does it still run with a cat as a bracket? No need for original parts then.

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Nice artwork, cool ad.

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the old monk
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Is this real...or am i stoned

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You're just old... vowed to celebacy... and need to get out more! ;)

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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It's in Clio Shortlist 2007!

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the old monk
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screw clio...this is nonsense....maybe there's a cat up the clio jury's ass

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the old monk
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And rog...before commenting on my should get rid of that stodgy friggin name - rog!!!!!

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