Volkswagen: Framing, 3

It's all a matter of framing. Volkswagen, official car of the San Sebastian Film Festival.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Barcelona, Spain
Creative Director: José María Roca de Vinyals
Art Director: Xavi Galbis
Copywriter: Marc Sanchez
Illustrators: Lucas Milà, Daniel Gonzalez


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Film Festival = Framing?

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R. Rinaldi
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i don't get it. Can someone please explain?

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not sure, maybe:

"People are beautiful when they are in a VW"

|Some of my best friends are softwares|

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God, its so easy to get. It's for a film festival... well what do people into films really do... directors... they 'frame'. A shot taken in a certain way changes the whole perspective.

So that guy who normally looks rather whathaveyou... looks grand when seen 'framed' in a car.

Anyway, its not that great an idea.

But why dont you guys get something so easy is what I dont get?

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Because we are not that brilliant. You are gifted Garg0yle, gifted. Your parents must be so proud of you. Lord when creating you must have thought "I am bored of creating dumb people, let me make someone smart."

Thanks Garg0yle, i am indebted. You saved the world...Garg0yle...God, and you just didn't realise it. Bravo! Keep up the good work.

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I like this. Maybe it could be better executed with real people. That would be worth looking into.

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My thoughts exacly..The idea isn't bad, I just don't like the cartony figures.

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I love it. I like that "framing" ties into the film festival as well. Very nice.

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Alistair C.
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haha, what a nice ad. I have to agree it could have worked better with real people, but maybe there was no budget for a photosession.

why i don't like are the shadows.

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