Volkswagen: Electrician

Relax while working.
Caddy with complete service repair included.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Milan, Italy
Creative Director: Vicky Gitto
Art Director: Mattia Montanari
Copywriter: Riccardo Ciunci
Photographer: Winkler & Noah

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ok, its an idea based on a good and simple line. but that makes it a bit boring and a little bit fetched. dont like it.

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sissy & girlish!

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It's Italy dude.

Bath yourself in gold-dust then i'll believe you're filthy rich.

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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Jon-Paul Mountford
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I recon if your that bad at being an electrician you'd be better off as a welder.
Nice idea tho.

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Both of these presume a helluva lot on the part of the reader, which makes me wonder what media the ads ran in. I feel like I'm only getting half of whatever the message is supposed to be.

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This is way better than the other one. But 'better' isnt always 'good'. As in this case.
Funny: I instantly guessed it's from Italy....

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