Volkswagen: Eat the Road

Eat the Road. Seriously, eat it. Ingredients: Glutinous rice flour, water, salt, propylene glycol FD&C colour, glycerine.

Volkswagen needed to find an innovative way of demonstrating the awesome road-eating power and acceleration of the new Volkswagen Golf R in magazines to increase sales. So, an edible insert that literally gave people the chance to “Eat the road” was conceptualised and placed in a motoring magazine.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Cape Town, South Africa
Creative Director: Chris Gotz
Art Director: Jonathan Lang
Copywriter: Tommy Le Roux
Illustrator: Morgan

April 2011


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So what? A poster/commercial/billboard/event has already been done thousands of times. Its used for a whole different brand as well. I like the ad.

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I don't think because it has already been done and that they have adapted it that it deserves a 1. That's just mean.

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definitely wouldn't eat it after it has been used by a printing machine. Also the idea is quite old.

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Idea already seen.

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Church Money
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This is how this ad comes about:

"Let's make a print ad that people EAT!"

"Wait, how are we going to tie that idea into our brand/product?"

"Who cares, we'll figure that part out later."

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I don't mind it and I'd definitely have a taste in the waiting room at the dentist's office. Sucks for whatever ad gets placed on the back of it though.

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Done as AD:

Shortlist in CANNES

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Is "Eat the road" a popular expression in South Africa? It doesn't sound right where I'm from – it reminds me of eating someone else's dust.

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very forced.


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This is quite boring to be honest. Would expect something better from Volkswagen.

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Isn't that amazing? Well, I couldn't expect anything less from Volkswagen, they always had nice trick on their promotion campaigns. I will most definitely remember this one. I wish I had a road for dinner too!

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Jason RIeff
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I hate gimmicky ads... but this one is done in a great way- should've won at Cannes or NYF last year, not sure why it didn't.

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