Volkswagen: Dream

You are not dreaming, you are driving.

Advertising Agency: Facto saatchi & saatchi, France
Creative Director: Fabrice Boutin
Art Director: Sébastien Ruyssen
Copywriter: Jean-Guillaume Pascaud
Photographer: Laurent Diat
Other additional credits: Be Facto, Belgium

October 2008


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you are not dreaming. you're driving? you can't blame that on the translation. that's just client bs. the visual isn't nearly moving or fantastic enough to warrant such a cheesy, overblown line.'s picture
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i like the visual.
exept for the small scirocco in the curve, but of course we also have a client.....

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Guest commenter

Did you guys ever seen the BMW Z4 ads?... Which one was first?...'s picture
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aks joe la

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Guest commenter

Done and re-done.....and i never sore this ad in France for VW.

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Guest commenter

Ok i understand ...this is a french ad for Reunion Island. The volcano.....still this is a "old idea" well executed with a bad copy.

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First let's ignore the "guest commenters" (have some balls people or just shut it).

I find the artwork really nice but : "You are not dreaming. you're driving" ... Seriously ?!!

100% agree with sloppy4 ! Soooooooo cheesy !

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I was looking for cars brands ads ideas at this site and found this "done copy ad" for VW...
you have the same idea for a old Fiat ad....
Mr Dengue why ignore the "guest commenters" ? (are you "dengue" or you have some "Fever" ?)

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