Volkswagen: Crocodile

If you don't do it for him, do it for him. New Golf. Ecological, economical.

Advertising Agency: Agence V, Paris, France
Creative Director: Christian Vince
Art Director: Guillaume Meriaux
Copywriter: Adrien Plouard
Photographer: Olivier Borst
Published: September 2009


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I think the link is tedious between low emissions and saving a croc.

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yeah, but seems like a client demand (two point brief), no? one that the creatives actually turned into a respectable effort at tying lost-cost and low-emissions. can't ding the work for that.

(although, i am taking the liberties of making a couple assumptions).

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lol would have been funnier with just the two "ecological" and "economical" on top of images...


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agree. who's 'him' in the second one anyway.

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you are right...

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Jaap Grolleman
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it only makes me think about a poor crocodile who is turned into a wallet. my initial link with the Golf was that it had a crocodile interior.

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How can anyone be this dumb?

I laughed out loud when I saw this. Not sure if that was the reaction they were going for, but nonetheless, pretty good.

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How can anyone be this dumb?

I laughed out loud when I saw this. Not sure if that was the reaction they were going for, but nonetheless, pretty good.

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Original (and courageous) way of speaking about ecology... no stupid greenwashing.'s picture
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I agree, with dlue, (Wordnerd u really don't know??)
simple, to the point, just great but the copy could be done differently

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Good line I believe. For the fancy thing lovers who doesn't give a damn for the ecology, he points out the economic aspect. Much more better message than BMW....

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This is great!!!
Congratulations, France!!!!!!!!!!

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this idea is really great! Connections between these two parts (croc and wallet) are perfect!

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force and confusing

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Very direct...! really dig in the bad characteristic of society

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Just do it ;-)

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direct and clear


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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Could be better

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Good Concept.

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Awesome Ad! Plain and Simple.

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It actually means:" If you don't give a damn if crocodiles (as in nature) dies or whatever"

Which the dead crocodile would've become part of the wallet (still the crocodile)

then lastly:" At least you take care of him (by being both the crocodile - which is now a wallet)

I think they would've gone through the ECOLOGICAL / ECONOMICAL route and figured this copy would carry more weight.

Despite, crocodiles are in abundance, and in no way a crocodile represents ecology conscious efforts if not for the copy.

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