Volkswagen: Crash test

The new Golf. Sometimes the only one you have to beat is yourself.

Advertising Agency: DDB, London, UK
Creative Director: Jeremy Craigen
Art Director: Shish Patel
Copywriter: Sam Oliver
Photographer: Vincent Fournier c/o Carole Lambert
Head of Art: Grant Parker
Art Buying: Daniel Moorey
Production: Still Productions

January 2009


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wow. bad placement of "safest Golf...". I thought it was basics. You look at a visual, and have the headline pay if off (or the reverse). And then you have copy and tags. Visual priority here is 1) visual, 2) tag, 3) headline, 4) copy. It doesn't make sense. "Safest Golf…" doesn't pay off the visual.

Even then, I'm not sure I think even the headline pays it off that well. I do get it. But, eh. Maybe it's just the wrong visual for the headline.

I don't know. I was expecting more from DDB London.

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The fact is that this is real work, unlike half of the stuff on here. Sometimes the client just won't go for anything too creative!

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Second that.


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you just did second that. its shit! why dont these match the TV?

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product is not creative, campaign is not creative. but it is very smart and relevant for this product.

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The photography is fantastic.

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Deberian jubilar al muñeco de pruebas!!!

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I agree with the first comment. `The safest golf... is placed at the wrong place. It is consequently competing with the actual headline of the ad. The safest golf... bit could have been worked into the body copy or underneath the body copy.
Saying too many things can dilute the impact of the main message.


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understand the ad's point is Safest Golf...but someone can please explain me about the visual...does it means golf is so safe that everyone is relax while doing the test or it showing the vw vehicle safety facility.

noiticed one more thing...same guy in different position...vw is showoing number of checks this guy ìs doing for safety test.

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I would say horrible concept and bad headline , safe, beat yourself, too confusing guys , such a boring car needs great ads.

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This brand works with all agencies ? I have seen work from Ogilvy, S&S,DDB and much more.....Das or not Das?

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man, no one like anyone else's work here.
this is like rants of the world. are ppl only waiting to rip people apart...? sad.

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the ad may not be perfect, but I'll tell you what it got right;
it got everyone talking about it, that makes it a good advert

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