Volkswagen: Cows

Thank god cows can't fly.
EOS. Take the whether with you.

Advertising Agency: Fogel Ogilvy, Israel
Creative Director: Guy Goren
Art Director: Ran Hertz
Copywriter: Neer Perach
Illustrator: Yaniv Shahar

March 2008


act's picture
535 pencils

wow cows can't fly, that makes me wanna buy this car.

veli's picture
226 pencils

superman is naughty.

N.artlife's picture
14 pencils

n.arty: I didnt understand the ad

Tincho's picture
1093 pencils

These two suck hard.

weedtweed's picture
62 pencils

cows can't fly, birds still do - they poop in air.

bird poo really makes me wanna buy this car.

whitespace's picture
1953 pencils

yes. show birdshit to sell an open top car.

blue_pencil's picture
30 pencils

Why is it spelt as 'whether' in the text outside?

stitchy's picture
779 pencils

editors mistake!!! maybe cos its a shitty concept!

liar's picture
384 pencils

talk about brand positioning...with a bird shit...

Andy-B's picture
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Guys dont act stupid!! there's is something called "METAPHOR"
I think what this ad means is... this car is so fast{fly} that other cars move just like 'cows'.

Wordnerd's picture
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no it doesn't.

whitewhite's picture
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NO it doesnt mean this one flys. The idea is 'take the weather with u'. But then there can be probs like bird shit when its convertible. But dont worry, u can use our convertible without much fear, because cows dont fly. Ah remebers me of the time when i used to teach in lower primary.

matks's picture
476 pencils

No, it doesn't. It means it's cool to have a convertible. Link below shows the other example of using birdshit in a car ad (well... not open top, but still). It's Mercedes-Benz R-Class with the panoramic glass sun-roof.

act's picture
535 pencils

no IT DOESN'T. It means that you thought it was milk but it's actually bird shit, because cow don't fly, thank god for that.

dthlb72's picture
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that's pretty bad for a convertible ad... something can't be avoid

whitespace's picture
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erm guys... I think Andy-B was kidding...


driton's picture
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i think idea in this ad is :

Car has a force like cows, thats reason DONT WORRY ;)

Bogeyman's picture
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"Cows aren't pleased with being used as leather goods, so if they could fly and they see you using leather on your convertible, they'll signify their disapproval by defecating on your upholstery, which would be way more disgusting than bird poo. So, be thankful that cows don't fly."

That work?

Don't knock drunk guys in bars; it means they're not driving. -- Richard Gere, The Runaway Bride

Guest commenter's picture
Guest commenter

actually... Cows take big shits!!!! therefore the whole reference to cow's flying is to make you feel better about purchasing a convertable and not worriying about a large peice of shit falling on you your haid :-D thank you

N.artlife's picture
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haha.. good one.

creativeflagg's picture
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I always wondered why they didn't use more bird shit to sell convertibles. I think it would work better if it was just covered in white poo and said "thank god teradactals are extinct." I think that would really make people want the car.

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