Volkswagen: Blue-sky-thinking

Free-thinkers wanted.

Volkswagen wanted a print campaign to recruit new employees. We figured candidates should be able to think for themselves, so our campaign attacked the thousands of Powerpoint-loving, chino-wearing corporate drones who sound like they know what they’re talking about in interviews, but whose every sentence is filled with meaningless drivel. And our attack wasn’t just verbal. The visual style too was a deliberate, tongue-in-cheek reference to the sort of cheesy Powerpoint slides beloved by these corporate sheep.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Cape Town, South Africa
Creative Director: Chris Gotz
Art Director: Prabashan Gopalakrishnan Pather
Copywriter: Sanjiv Mistry
Illustrators: Prabashan Gopalakrishnan Pather, Sanjiv Mistry, Leigh Carp, Bryony McComb
Photographer: Barry White

June, 2011


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Man, this one was hard to get! After reading all the set I finally got the message. But considering that it took so long for me, a copywriter, I guess not many people would botter reading and trying to understand this... Nice try, though.

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Judas, how many of these do we need to see? Lame.

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