Volkswagen Beetle: Cars

Advertising Agency:

Chief Creative Officer:

Creative Director:


Art Directors:

Copywriter: ,

Illustrators: Caroline Beckert, Liu Xinyu, Jiang Jiajia

Photography: Sheng Yan Dong Tian Zao Xing Studio

Brand Director: Nyoke Ching

Account Director: Eva Zou

Account Executive: Zhang Bo, Tommy Li

Media Director: Apple Chen

Media Planner: Jasmine Zhang


puppiepoppy's picture
1634 pencils

Very traditional way of doing advertisements.

dico's picture
332 pencils

traditional but nice...

veli's picture
226 pencils

The old Beetle still looks great.

the Pun-isher's picture
the Pun-isher
228 pencils

Come on.
I bet if this was an Italian ad you guys would have ripped it to pieces.
This campaign is boring. Next!

DwayneTucker's picture
54 pencils

This point is that this campaign works; I like it. But it is a good one compared to an amazing one.

"Don't ever believe that you are better than anybody and don't ever believe that anybody is better than you." A quote from my mother.

terry127's picture
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if anyone can read Chinese, they must know the headline really sucks.

pscs's picture
440 pencils

no, the chinese headline is actually ok. perhaps it's kinda "lost in translation".

adgoddess's picture
369 pencils

Which one is the new beetle?

Meghann's picture
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Campaign may be safe but it works. Nice product evolution.

Guest's picture

China has its own culture,foreigners are hard to understand...

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