Volkswagen: Bears

12 Million children have slept in its seats.
New Golf. Born with experience.

Advertising Agency: Fogel Ogilvy, Israel
Creative Director: Guy Goren
Art Director: Tomer Zakai
Copywriter: Neer Perach
3D artist: Yaniv Shahar
Photographer: Yoram Ashheim

January, 2009


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michael jacksons car. :-)

I would never promote Coca Cola.

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lol ;)

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I see, you will only promote Coke!!!!

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the entire campaign doesnt appeal to me except for the retouching here and there, but the message is well contradicted and not a firm one,as the layout isnt giving the oomph to associate properly with the over promising headlines in the series... i'd give it 4/10

| Everartz |

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The campaign only looks cute but doesnt sell any of the advantages VW could have gained through its years of experience. The bear, cd, ring etc.can be virtually linked to peoples experience in any other car, not just VW.This looks like a tall claim.The campaign has failed to spell out any of the technical/design superiority VW could have added to its credit based on its track record. The TG needs a profound reason to take a serious look at these cars. Just doesnt sell the product.

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disaster philosophy.

Marka açısından çok saçma bir hayat görüşü olmuş.
Duygusallık noktasını marka ile bağdaştırmaya çalışırken resmen sıçmışlar.

İyi Reklam, Kötü Reklam

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Wadih A3
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crea un buen vinculo emocional con el target! I LIKE IT

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passengers enter. time passes. clawing and gnashing of teeth. more time passes. legion of cute teddy bears spill out from car and advance.

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This campaign is italian, what are you doing guys?
Now you submit adaptation of international campaigns.

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When I first saw this one (after seeing the others in the series), I thought it meant X million children were conceived in the backseats... : D

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advertisment only reason to exist is to increase sales, ads are aimed to regular people not advertisers, or wanna be advertisers, jerks that believe they are gods of creativity. If it sales it's creative. David Ogilvy. This ad has a lot of insight and is cute.

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@ guest "advertisment only reason to exist is to increase sales,"

it does so by catching the attention of its intended audience, the ad is poor, it doesn't provoke thought. Most people would glance at it, pay no attention and flick the page. It's neither creatively clever, nor visually appealling. It's weak.

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