Volkswagen: Back

Advertising Agency: DDB, Dubai, UAE
Creative Director / Copywriter: Rishad Lawyer
Art Director: Guilherme Pecego


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Bundy Agency
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anyone know the translation

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it says sorry for the bad idea !

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Ramadan is the name of a month which is celestial for muslims and the shape of crescent is a symbol for islam. So the ad made for a kind of celebration.

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oh god, you're right! horrible..

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a super duper forced idea...

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very bad idea, bad photoshop !

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I find it hard to believe that VW cranks so many ads every week; they must have a bottomless pot of gold for a budget. Or maybe there's a bunch of people posting fake-ass, student level ads on here... I think it's the latter.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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...Or it could just be that there is an entire world that requires VW ads, not just your country?

Tweet tweet: @ThisAbility

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“Ramadan Kareem” means Ramadan is generous, opulent and blessing.

This is the traditional greeting sentence used during the lunar month, Ramadan, in which Muslims fast.

Being a lunar month, the most obvious visual symbolizing it is the crescent.

These ads – related to tradition and religion – mislead or don’t deliver the message if they are out of the box. To work they simply have to be traditional on their own.

I work for a well known international brand the Middle East and we do approx the same thing for them during Ramadan which is going to start in 10 days. And yes I believe VW would do the same.

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Such as this Levis ad...

in the ad the thousands of Muslim performing Salat (salat is religious devotion in islam)

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Guest commenter

worst VW ad...

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