Volkswagen Amarok: Luxury meets Labour, 3

Luxury meets labour. The Amarok.

Advertising Agency: Grabarz & Partner, Germany
Creative Directors: André Price, Jan-Florian Ege
Art Direction: André Price
Graphic Designers: Sönke Jansen, André Price
Copywriter: André PriceJan-Florian Ege
Account Managers: Anissa Ghanem, Malin Beckmann
Art Buying: Anna Simdon
Produktion: Oliver Fleischer
Post Production / 3D: GLOSS Postproduction
Handbag Designer: Frieda Bellmann


kleenex's picture
37459 pencils

I like the concept.

Edoftheworld's picture
161 pencils

Done a few times. Don't get the luxury point here as well.

Andrej Troha's picture
Andrej Troha
613 pencils

Beautifully crafted expensive leather bag, maybe? Not really common with construction workers with pneumatic hammers.

schizogal's picture
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Love the idea and the realization! Good concept.

certaintly's picture
4052 pencils

great photoshop but old concept and just boring idea

Andrej Troha's picture
Andrej Troha
613 pencils

Great concept and execution (nice CGI and 3D work). Conveys the message elegantly, quickly and with style, and underlines main USPs of this car.

andylefty's picture
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Doesn't particularly excite me however it communicates.

morse's picture
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Brilliant campaign. Congrats. Gold at Cannes.

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