Volkswagen 4Motion: Viamala Canyon

The stunning sights of the Viamala canyon. Without 4Motion all-wheel-drive.

Advertising Agency: KSB/SJ, Zürich, Switzerland
Creative Director: Andreas Mädler
Art Director: Mario Moosbrugger
Copywriter: Andy Lusti
Graphic Designer: Mareike Jansen
Photographer: Christian Breitler
Published: January 2009


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Made me smile. :)

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This is an ad for VW 4Motion.

Without a decent idea.

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Can someone please explain what this ad is all about? As in not the brand, but what it wants to depict??

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Whitout 4Motion all-whele-drive you get to take the easy rout THROUGH the mountain instead destroying the nature and going OVER the mountain.

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Well that's not the point the ad tells but the fact.

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I get the idea. But..

The 4Motion all-wheel-drive will not really get you through the Viamala gorge. It's closed. Go get there.. on foot, or with a bicycle. And besides: you'll see so much more if you go into the mountains without a noisy engine under your lazy butt!

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