copycomoelcopi's picture
822 pencils

Clearly, not the best way to illustrate the benefit.

Rusio's picture
326 pencils

It makes your car so fast that if someone wants to photograph your car, he has to shoot plenty of times
until he completes the whole structure. One thing at a time. It`s funny.
I hope thats the idea. :O

ivan's picture

Interesting approach, but I think the idea is that the normal shape of bettle is transformed to a sports car shape because of the fuel.

jennywhx's picture
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hahaha. thanks ivan to explain it. cool. the concept shown clearer in this compare to the previous one.

Popchevy's picture
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Ivan always got the truth ,by the way ,my name is Ivan too..

Naddeo's picture
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That is correct Ivan, that was the idea.
I agree that maybe the gap is too large and that the Beattle execution is better than the Volvo.

ellehcimeo's picture
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Ahhh. Ivan is all knowing!
Still don't care for this. Not clear enough.

ivan's picture

I only got it after seeing the VW ad.

Rusio's picture
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jejeje thanks Ivan.
Yes, you have to see this one to get the idea

kre8's picture
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yeah, this one looks like its been on an episode of 'pimp my ride'.
doesnt really say 'fast' as much as the volvo one.

swifire's picture
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it's turned into a Porsche 911

addyhoch10's picture
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quodavid's picture
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I like when you came with an idea like that, but it is a little forced that its make it with photos, you never know why

theassailante's picture
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interesting though..

1983's picture
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I like Rusio's idea

walkingbuddha's picture
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Not saying the idea is bad but the art direction could have been simplified – threw me a bit.

Why not just have a beautifully retouched beetle made to look like a sports car?


hang-the-dj's picture
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Funny how it takes an explanation for us to 'get' this ad and most of us work in advertising. What chance does the consumer have?

Ivan, did they tell you the concept when they sent it in?

PaulyG_fill in the blank's picture
PaulyG_fill in ...
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Even after hearing the explanation, I still don't really see the "beatle transformation into a Porsche." Looks like a picture of a Porsche that has been cut up into puzzle-like pieces to me. I appreciate the thought that went into this, but as hang-the-dj says, how is the consumer possibly supposed to get this? Especially when most people spend about 0.5 sec on any given ad.

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