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I miss a pair of feet... in all of these prints...

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the bad thing is that all the three art works are with the same legz if am not mistaking

brucirello's picture
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You are mistaken, but still the ads suck!!

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Jon-Paul Mountford
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thats gonna big some big packaging !

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I like them all three.

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A bit scary.

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TBWA istanbul rullazzzz!!! but who is the photographer?

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Muy Bueno!!! clara relacion con la web (telaraña)!! Inolvidable

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m'agrada. molt.

Pau Marquès
(+34) 670 36 79 83

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The main problem is that the back legs are cut... well, that legs are missing. No feet. And the other ones have a little messed up at perspective. The shadows are just decorative, don't really matter.

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i know you're trying to draw attention to the web, by showing how your TA, are like spiders since we practically live on the web but visually, women as arachnids dont seem to work for me.

im trying to figure why this isnt working for me... i dont know if its because we're so conditioned to expect something aspirational - a perfect woman we desire to become - but this is an oddity, and the last thing on earth women want is to become an oddity. it jars with expectations.

i know you're probably trying to move towards a conceptual slant, I'm not sure it's coming through - and we end up seeing just this oddity.

i think this couldve been really strong. perhaps the typography shouldn't have been cursive - the world wide web had to be immediate following the image, but it's kind of lost. in addition to that, you've made it 90degrees which made it decorative, harder tot read.

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