Vodafone Wireless Office: Cityscape

It's time to get out for real.
Introducing the wireless office from Vodafone.
Make the most of now.

Agency Name: JWT, Cairo, Egypt
Executive Creative Director: Fady Chamaa
Creative Director: Hesham Ellabban, Ali Ali
Art Directors: Maged Nassar, Hesham Ellabban
Copywriters: Hesham Ellabban, Maged Nassar
Photographer: Maged Nassar


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1456 pencils
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Good campaign.

val's picture
93 pencils

yes Stigset you're right

Rusio's picture
326 pencils

Same idea but both ads say something completely different.
Kind of like this campaign.

Rusio's picture
326 pencils

The power switch and the phone are pretty big.
That bothers me a little.

roman-schwienbacher.com's picture
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very nice ma favorit one is the mountain landscape with the stain.
but idea good concept

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Done a million times !!!

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Dick Huges
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Not new = not good.

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Have Heart
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Not new, but it makes sense with the line.

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Bundy Agency
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i like it
but i remember something similar
so i dont like it


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it reminds me of the ads done for timberland, but timberlands were way better..... i still remember one of their lines "play is not a button" and it just showed a shot of a playstation paddle lying on the carpet

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