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This is a good idea that doesn't have a good execution. Viewers won't get it straight away that it is referring to the debates: Half Empty or Half Full, or the Chicken or the Egg first?

The visual alone is not strong enough to hold the message, especially is seen alone, and not alongside of the other 2 in the campaign.

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good ads but they arn't for every people

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Since they are big clichés... most people will get them. They don't need the word 'debate'...

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I think it means (talking from sun up to midnight), it's a glass of milk in dark.. is it?

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i think they are great ideas.

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the liquid in the glass should be more transparent. One may think it's milk... (i did) and the previous one was chicken and egg... can covers a loooooong hours of healthy breakfast with the loved ones.

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