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July 2008

Print advertisment created by Praxis, United Arab Emirates for V-Kool, within the category: Automotive.

The world's most technologically advanced heat control film for you car.

Advertising Agency: Praxis Advertising, Dubai, UAE
Creative Director: Josey George
Art Director: Muhammad Imran
Copywriter: Josey George
Account Director: Amitabh Swarup

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Honest Dave
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What's heat control film?

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So, if I put this film on my car windows I will be cooked like a kabob? Where can I buy this!!???

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its a film that makes the inside of the car feel like a microwave........awesome?

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I never make a comment, but this is really really really bad SORRY I HAD TO SAY IT.

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I think that the visual is showing how you feel inside your car if you don't have this film but the copy isn't clear enough to convey this message, with another copy it's kinda like a good ad, i think....... nothing really outstanding tough

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Bad photoshop

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Who puts a burger in the oven once it's made?

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Muhammad Imran
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here is the answer: Leveraging on the technological brilliance, V-KOOL provides you superior solar heat control solutions that meet your requirements. V-KOOL products range from top-of-the-line Spectrally Selective clear films to value-for-money hi-performing coatings that aim to meet your needs. V-KOOL's spectrally selective coatings also enhance the aesthetics and comfort of glass-clad facades. Occupants can enjoy the advantages of natural daylighting without sacrificing on comfort, and high air-conditioning bills.

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yea great feature but would you describe a microwave like that? no. hence this ad is stupid.

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Why should a V-KOOL ad establish high level of heat in the car? It's a cooling product for god sake! It doesn't work to flip the message by any mean! And if the purpose is to hint that "this is what happen without V-KOOL" then it should be clearly said in the copy!

Muhammed, if this is one of your best then you still have a long way of struggling. And if your CD writes such copy always then you better change her.

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Sorry Mr Imran, You look like a nice person, you probably didn't choose to advertise this stuff...there were deadline is very probably have a family to support.......and failed.

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I don´t get it. I don´t know if i want to get it.

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unbelievable...the level to which an ad can stoop....common guys...u show a car shaped like an oven and say most technologically advanced heat control film? I shud've have atleast said...."Don't get cooked in your car this summer...get V-Kooled"

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In your last line you have written rather better copy than ad has


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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Very obvious copywriter-designer concept clash. Leaves the reader wondering which idea to believe. go for the words or go for the visual? whatever the case, my salute to the client service for selling this to the client. Aplause.....

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you car or your car

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In Dubai everyone knows what Vkool is hence this ad. The concept is nice but the line needed to explain the fact that vkool is a film that prevents THIS from happening.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.