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once again what the hell? This campaign is really odd.

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I agery with Alexander

Art direction is good but message is totally negative

Live with Passion

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Jakarta Jack

so the product benefit is that you get your wife killed. f*cking brilliant. better fire the ecd.

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beautiful piece it is funny.. its got an insight, when you are in trouble you can do anything to get yourself out of the problem...
the torch can help you do that.. its new..

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You can't be serious. What insight? How are you getting out of a problem? Light or no light, it looks like she's getting the knife. If anything, you should be shining the light on the killer. Even then, not much of an idea.

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A torch light is not specifically for EMERGENCY, try a stupid swiss knife or something. If you guys want to have a good laugh, try pick up a copy of Gary Larson, at least there's an idea in them. Not just for the sake of 'funny haha'. Everyone can do a 'funny haha' nowadays.

The ad seems to be shot in Thailand or something, if not the talents will be really dark...but then, there's an idea, at least.

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Oh dear!

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A lot of black ink is wasted in this world....think green!

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Wow, this is really freaky. The "husband's" smile is disturbing.

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Excellent, excellent, excellent. My first smile of the day ! excellent, excellent, excellent.

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naughty but nice...

- Life Feeds on Life -

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What the hell? A flashlight to kill by? So what...

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There are so many people here that they have no idea about advertising... or about humor sense... or about anything.
Funny, good campaign.

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This is my new favorite campaign. Bizarre, incomprehensible, fascinating.

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Deliver the idea from the words...?

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