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This doesn't make much sense. So crook one is showing off crook two but by doing so he'd also be giving up himself... conceptually this is really strange.

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nice ha ha ha. Trihan

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What's the difference between an emergency torch and an ordinary torch?

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The emergency one is for emergencies, i guess.

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I hope I never have an emergency then. I only have an ordinary torch and hence could not use it.

This is a try-hard and obviously scam idea. All the good 'just a picture' torch gags have already been taken by other scammers. This is scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

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waste of time and wastes of money.

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A bad rip-off of the Thailand version.

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cool idea!

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A torch light is not specifically for EMERGENCY, try a stupid swiss knife or something. If you guys want to have a good laugh, try pick up a copy of Gary Larson, at least there's an idea in them. Not just for the sake of 'funny haha'. Everyone can do a 'funny haha' nowadays.

The ad seems to be shot in Thailand or something, if not the talents will be really dark...but then, there's an idea.

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