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Does she know about birds and bees?
If you are not able to explain to her what contraception is, find another way to prevent uncontrolled breeding... See

Advertising Agency: Scholz&Friends Warsaw, Poland
Creative Director: Jane Stoykov
Art Director: Sabina Samulska
Copywriters: Piotr Zygmunt, Marta Fraczek
Photographer: Jan Kriwol
Producer: Michal Krajewski

October 2008


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No so much.

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I don't get the "birds and bees" headline. This could have been done so much better and on a clearer way.

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Nothing new here.
Bur i have to say something about the new site of AOTW, its something bery usefull that the previus page had. The "Previous" ad, so you can click there and see the next one. Here you have to go back to the home page and click other grafic...
Maybe im not seen that link, y dont know...

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i agree with the second click comment. why would this be stopped?
also, at the bottom when you post a comment, why does it say 'save'?
shouldnt it just be 'post comment' or something?>

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Thanks, i need superto here. Looking ads in AOTW is really complex for me now.
I really need thoso "next", "previous" buttoms, I loose all the speed, i´m getting borred at work know.
Whats the pencil´s about?

I´m confussed, the advertising world has changed for me... Please Iván do something :D

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Thanks for the support, i really need thoso "Next", "Previous" buttoms. I have troubles to see the daily ads. Reconsiderate that ivan Please...

What are those "pencil" things all about??

I love AOTW but now i´m lost :S

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I love the idea of using "birds and the bees" in conjunction with the cat and breeding, but I'm not sure this ad ties those three things together in the best way possible.

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ideas good, but confusion confusion!!!!

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Emran Hayat
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over the head.. dnt get it

Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm

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how do you expect folks are gonna read that microscopical line of text?

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