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Natural Tears Formula. Don't ask how.

Advertising Agency: JWT, USA
Executive Creative Directors: Andrew Clarke, Kash Sree
Creative Director / Art director: Raphael Milczarek
Illustrator: Aaron Padin
Photographer: Hans Starck
Copywriter: Humberto Jiron
Producer: Tonya Martin
Director of Art Buying: Shawn Smith
Art Buyer: Carly Chappell
Print Producer: Jena Mattison
Production Company: Sweet Genius
Account Director: Susan Bratteson
Account Executive: Heather Maclary
Project Manager: Steven Marchione


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I dont get it

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Problem is: its about how the product is produced, not how it works... Nice art-direction etc. but I dont care how its produced

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The woman is cutting onions and when you cut onions it makes your eyes burn, thus causing them to tear up.
Hope that helped!

I don't know if showing eyes burning from onions is a good way to sell a product. Ouch.

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Trying too hard

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I really don't want some other person's onion-smelling tears going into bottles, and then into MY eyes. Ugh.

As "guest" said... trying too hard. WAY too hard.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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just write
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Well the idea is good.. but dunno abt the product.. but it's good.. i like the art and the execution...

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god work!

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will they really work hard .. respect for that . its story in an image .. they producing they product they old fashion . what bush did to the American families will fill tanks of tears ..

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product's advertisement should be easy to know.but i don't think it here.

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