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January 2008

Print advertisment created by DDB, China for Virgin, within the category: Transport.

Time saved, Offers you a 10-minute superior personal pathway that saves your time of waiting.
Virgin at UK David’s Heathrow Airport Lunched for first class passengers, the 10-minute Expressway Service, which was targeted to fast-moving businesspeople all over the world. In order to enable consumers to be aware of the benefits of this expressway, such as time-saving, super convenience, we published the print ads on Time as the cover page and entitled it as ‘Time Saved’. This is to emphasize the creative idea of ‘time-saving’ by double meaning.

Advertising Agency: DDB Shanghai, China
Creative Directors: Jody Xiong
Art Directors: Jody Xiong
Copywriter: Meredin Xu
Illustrator: Xiao LongHua

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homutmiranda's picture
Activity Score 37

is it a typing error? "...Lunched for..." , and y "Lunched" is in capital letter?

karankal's picture
Activity Score 52

The man and woman in the 10 minute pathway is still in the same circle/cycle/line/path as the others. How does this show that they are getting out of the seemingly cyclical waiting process?

SeanMartin's picture

It would make more sense if the figures -- both grey and colour -- were facing in the same direction as the sweep of the minute hand. Then, those in grey: stuck waiting; those in colour, moving with time. Bt as it is, it's fighting against the way we normally perceive things, so the idea gets screwed.