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B o r i n g ! ! ! ! ! !

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Can you be a little more constructive?

What exactly do you dislike about these ads?

How could they be better?

They may not be mindblowing, but I wouldn't say they were boring, just a little off the mark.

And no, they're not mine. But if they were, I think I'd like a bit more feedback than a simple 'boring'.

Isn't that what we're here for?

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Hear, bloody hear.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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what a great consumer insght!

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Not quite "with it". Dig?

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Huhm... Not too exciting

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i like it.

Jazz is killing me, specially sax

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come on!!! its mtv! they can do wathever they want!!

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Is it referring to this famous painting by Francisco de Goya?

If so, it's quite a good execution, but what about the other one?

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Many executions took place in that style, i doubt the ad is based solely on that painting.

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If you look at Goya's painting, all the attacker's faces are hidden. They are not in the ad. Maybe the ad was inspired by Goya's painting but I'm sure it wasn't meant to be an obvious reference.

Good call though.

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Personally, I find this ad very depressing and somewhat insulting.

The impression that classical music would scare or cause pain, that's really not an image that I would want to propogate with any resonsability. (and no, I'm not a stuck up old man). If there was a counterpoint to this ad in which a bunch of R&B artists are accosting someone with more "mature" tastes, it would be a little less insulting.

It's also sad that anyone would wear a shirt like that.

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"If there was a counterpoint to this ad in which a bunch of R&B artists are accosting someone with more "mature" tastes, it would be a little less insulting."

But if they ran that ad it would be insulting to a culture. Or some would say.

Everyone has their favorite and least favorite types of music. For me personally, I could see a country band in place of the violinists, and the ad would make perfect sense.

The ad is outrageous and absurd because classical music, in general, is considered more peaceful and soothing than rap, punk, etc. Since it is absurd, people laugh at it, and I think that's what they were aiming for.

I'm just not crazy about MTV in general, but they're cute ads.

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