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ugly .... SO UGLY

| Everartz |

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so so so so bad...

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Disagree. She's beautiful. :p

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DDH is like BBH, without CCHoncept XD

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funny how the best concepts are bashed by those who didn't come up with them

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Yeah - funny how that works. The people that came up with this stuff would be the best choice to bash their own work. Thanks for your comment "Guest".

That being said, this isn't a terrible ad - the average person would think it clever since it ties fashion and wine together. Actually - wait - just looked at it again, and can't figure out exactly what it's trying to sell/promote. Is it a fashion sponsorship? Is it an event wine/business/fashion expo? Is there fashion at all, or is it a weak play on the word designer? Is it a bad translation? And why is her head turned so much? Besides the fact that it creepy, it's also unnecessary - is the shape on the back not the focus? The photography needs help. If you're going for a "fashion" look, I need mood lighting, depth of field and ambience, which this is missing. Looks like a JC Penny ad.

"Guest" - if you're calling this a concept, you'd be right. It's not an ad yet.

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Beautiful woman :)

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too easy...no concept only a nice lady to sell wine, sure creatives could find something new and much better but the client wanted this idea only to have the lady's phone number"ibet!).....sorry girls this is men job ad's only.

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I'll drink to that.

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