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This is such a stale idea. It was cool the first time I saw it like four years ago...

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How exactly do you go about casting for this type of campaign? I'd be afraid to watch the casting call! ;-)


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do u ask for ugly people in your casting list or do you use them without telling them about the ugly part? touchy i would think

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hmm.. I was just thinking of that.. :-i
everybody is as beautiful as their heart is though..

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i thought she had nice boobs because nature owed it to her. until i saw the other ads.

i hope these were photoshopped.

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I am so very sick of seeing this lame 'concept' every few months.

I'm not surprised there are no credits, would you own up to this rubbish?

It's not the people in the ads that are ugly, it's the people who wrote them.

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this is an old campaigne. it was released in argentina in 2003.
get an update!

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'5 litres for the price of 1' should have been in fine print, a violator or a different line, at least.

i just realized, drambuie's prince charlie should have been in this campaign.

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