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I admit - I don't know understand this campaign at all.


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i think the idea is very interesting and funny but somewhat far-fetched for a 'buy 5 for 4' campaign. And the thing is that the discount comes from anyone but nature...

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so... this water makes you ugly? or is it water for ugly people?

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The idea is that you were born ugly so nature owed you one.

It's funny. But who is the campaign talking too. Presumably since it's a discount deal everyone gets it. IMO the idea isn't good enough to risk pissing off people who think its mean spirited.

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Totally agree!
The concept is very interesting,but it's really dangerous.
I'd buy one bottle,haha:)

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born ugly? That is to start from the assumption that people are "ugly". That is crass.
~~be cool eh!~~

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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i don`t understand at all. Would you explain me?

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since mother nature made you ugly it's her way of compensating. Only by giving you her purest water at a really nice price..

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