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February 2009

Print advertisment created by Publicis, France for Viking, within the category: Industrial, Agriculture.

A beautiful lawn deserves respect.

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil Paris, France
Creative Directors: Olivier Altmann, Hervé Plumet
Art Directors / Copywriters: Mathieu Degryse, Yves-Eric Deboey
Photographer: Cedric Delsaux

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But the shoes are on the lawn. Doesn't make sense.

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Agreed. Should have been sidewalk/lawn combo. Can't believe they would miss something that basic.

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Ed Mintone
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i understand your point... but if you want to get that picky, who's to say the dudes who's shoes we see, didn't set there shoes down where we see them. the reason the shoes were removed from there feet is because RUNNING in cleats would ruin the grass... not just the cleats themselves. it's understood that the players removed there shoes before playing there game.

furthermore, if there were concrete next to the field to please you... there'd be someone else complaining that "there wouldn't really be concrete right there, this is bullshit," so... where does the line get drawn?

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The playing field would be infront of the shoes. Its almost like when you go into a dojo. You take your shoes off before you get on the mats out of respect. Thats what i get from this, i could be wrong.

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i like this one a lot

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The criticisms are valid but I like this ad. Let's face we all get it.

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no esta bueno el anuncio, por muchas razones.

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I got it and liked it when I first saw it.
But the test of a great ad, is that you can't really knock it down.
Nice job analyzing this one commentators.
I agree that if there was cement or blacktop where the shoes are,
it would have been an amazing ad. But it's still good.

I guess what they meant to say is that you would not walk on the main part of the field.
But regardless, this oversight in art direction hurts this idea.

What a damn shame. I still give it an 8 because the idea is there.
2 points off for execution.

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I agree with you. It is definitely a good one, but overlooking that powerful tweak takes away from it as a whole.

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yeah this ad doesnt seem to be thought out as long as it should have been, because the shoes are on the lawn anyway. but the idea is clever

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very funny, gets your attention, which is the whole point for Vicking...

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another take could have been famous footballers playing barefoot.

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I would rather eat your shorts. It’s a bit stupid and pointless, but i really like it somehow.


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hey, goood

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Shame on you....DDB Paris concept, on DDB Paris client... 5 years ago. You know it guys, don't pretend you didn't.

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I think a guest from DDB Paris want to say something...

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Very nice

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It shouldn't be about respect. I should be about the feeling of bare feet on freshly cut grass. Reminds me of childhood. Soccer in the back yard.

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Rabubi - you talk about the physical experience, while they attempt more to make it transcendental - less personal, higher prestige. Like mosque or dojo quoted before.

As for me - I think the ad defends itself against criticism pointed out in the first comments. The point about there being a concrete or other artificial surface would be agreed in normal life. But in stadiums it doesn't work that way. As far as I remember, all official regulations treat those 2 sides of grass differently. The shoes are outside the pitch - which is sacred (so the transcendental metaphore works) and has to be of top quality. They are within the field of play, but in the least important/worthy part of it (for training, safe "landing" or throw-ins), not on the pitch itself.

Regulations set in place for Europe specify that each pitch has to have a few meters of grass around it (pitch: 105x76 field of play: 120x80) so they couldn't fit in any sidewalk - it's not allowed. So what is seen as a mistake by individual client may be actually the right thing for a corporate sporting client.

So to conclude - for someone interested only in grass/lawn mainteinance this would be better off with a sidewalk or actually might have gone with a completely different metaphore, like Rabubi said - childhood memories would be great.
But for a big proffessional sporting client it's better the way it is. And I think that's the better way, because sporting pitches are supposed to be and probably are seen publicly as "the best of the best" lawns there are. So Viking caters for the very best pieces of grass there are. Hence, it may as well take on every other pitch.

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you destroy the grass when you play rugby, not when you walking on.

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I like it, despite the logical loophole. It gets the point across nice and quickly.

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very good