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Ney Frances
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why not mowing the neighbor´s garden then? my pool is sacred!

is there life before death?

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i didnt get it, can someone explain?

| Everartz |

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Dick Huges
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Ok, put french ads in my list too.

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smells like badvertising again...

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oh. i thought the gnome was giving us the "Rock On" sign. i guess that makes the gnome even more rock n roll. i'm luke warm on the ad itself though.

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from the look of the place, it's more like "you'll want your underpaid gardener to mow more while you doink the nanny and your drunk wife is in rehab."

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Ahh, the Riviera! Nice idea.

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drunk dave
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One can mow algae? Interesting.

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Disco Munky
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This might be a stupid question but is that you in the bottom right of the ad giving us all the finger?

How rude.

Doin' it for the points

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Sorry to those who love gnomes... www.natalieevarose.blogspot.com

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