Videocon Air Conditioners: Shelves, 3

Aire conditioners with Turbo Cooling.

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, Delhi, India
Creative Chief: Prasoon Joshi
Executive Creative Director: Ashish Chakravarty
Art Directors: Vineet Mahajan, Natwar Singh, Denzil Machack
Copywriters: Natwar Singh, Ashish Chakravarty
Illustrators: Gurudev Singh, Kuldeep Soni
Via: newcreatives


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Nice idea, on the other hand I guess it would be too cold to be sitting in that chair... :)

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self indulgent, don't u think?

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tamer samy
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just awesome and new..

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Beautiful picture.

Agree with the_capywriter.
Maybe they can do co-marketing with Northface or some other outdoor product company... :)

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Why don't people understand that being literal and trying to be "clever/ creative" puts too much pressure on the entire agency creative team. Ok so the room gets cooled... the next thing i do is live in a FU!@#$G fridge... hahaha. Now is that funny or creative???? Please don't do it!!!

And then GOD said...
Let there be creativity!!!

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How much do you think Indian AUDIENCE is creative to get it without to go literal?

I very much like the art direction, though.

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mmm. So glad that Videocon brand is improving.
Very Good art direction.

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pretty and involving. no need to analyze the situation with 'living in the fridge', as for me :)

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Great photo and artdirection... OK the room is cold, so what ? Boring idea!

Simple ideas are the best !

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Nice stuff

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Good idea. But repeating the same idea thrice does not make it a campaign. The rest two ads are the same %$^^& thing. Oh, and I will write this in the other two ad pages as well, so stop being a Panzy

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there's a piping-hot coffee mug but where's the guy?...went outside because its too cold is it? hahaha


commenting just to gather more pencils:-)

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there goes another self indulgent ad buddies!

ok, the AC will keep the food fresh, but what happens to the ba**s? freeze it for keeps?

c'mon buddies, who are u kidding.

good luck to u creative folks!

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O.K. Now no more ads for Videocon Refrigerators.

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jej, molt bona!

Pau Marquès
(+34) 670 36 79 83

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Poor strategy. It's a "turbo-cooling" air system, not a "super-cold" system...

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I don't mind the idea... of course best temperature for food storing and for human are different, but imho it's usually not the TA who takes everything literal but strict flaw-seeker professionals.

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