Fan Letters, Sydney

November 2012
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There are only a few companies that regularly receive personal letters of appreciation from their customers. Victorinox is in this lucky situation. Over the decades, VICTORINOX fans from around the world have repeatedly thanked for the faithful service shown them by the famous pocket knife or windbreakers. So we've decided to make their fan letters into the actual campaign.

Advertising Agency: Spillmann/Felser/Leo Burnett, Zurich, Switzerland
Creative Director: Martin Spillmann
Copywriter: Johannes Raggio
Art Directors: Pablo Schencke, Matthias Fürst
Photographers: Michael Nager, Ebo Fraterman
Art Buying: Suzana Kovacevic

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Probably the most un-bad ass story on earth. Wow.
The other executions were cool and told tales of people using the knife to survive drowning, being burnt alive in a metal coffin and choking to death on a bone stabbing into their throat.
This one just saved a group of people from an awkward silence.
Remove this execution from the campaign and you have some cool stories to tell.