Victoria's Secret: Erin

Reveal Erin's secret
Victoria's Secret
Sexier than skin

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, New York, USA
Creative: Viktor Angwald


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Similar. It's just that in 2009 we didn't yet have QR codes, did we?

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Ron Burgundy
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nice...go sell that to Cybernanny though, they are about to debut their mobile version

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Old idea, but works alot better with a QR code.

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All tech, no bite.

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you do not need bite for this.

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Works in a shock ad sort of way - lots of hype, until it Victoria's Secret removes the and gets free publicity. Is it smart enough be a demo from an ad school - no not at all.

Be more creative - let me try. Put a large set of clothed ads up for fictitious companies (maybe even real ones). Include some form of code in all of them e.g. VS hidden somewhere. Develop a cellphone app/page that "removes" the clothes to show the Victoria's Secret lingerie underneath (it only has to recognize the fixed pictures in the ads and substitute them). Now go viral.

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Fair enough it was only an attempt - Huub your turn

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hah. Cool. I believe this idea is going to be picked up by many...

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