Vicks NyQuil: Theo

For a Better Looking Tomorrow. Vicks NyQuil. The nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep you ever got with a cold... medicine. Vicks. Breathe Life In.

Advertising Agency: Publicis New York, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Rob Feakins
Executive Creative Director: Joe Johnson
Art Director: Dave Hermanas
Copywriter: Dafna Garber
Art Buyer: Samantha Jaffoni
Published: November, 2009


tirthomitro's picture
2764 pencils

somehow stupid!

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

shrenikster's picture
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ths is bad!!!

miko1aj's picture
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i like it. It's simple and to the point. Nice looking either.

silvi's picture
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Horrible. But i think the logo and slogan position is great.

chris myles's picture
chris myles
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I agree with you Silvi.

scarfinati's picture
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what are you guys talking about this is a great campaign.

An ugly sleep for a better looking tomorrow.

great idea. And makes me want the product benefit

i wouldve played up the ugly sleep more though. Drool out of the mouth and stuff

slip's picture
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nice layout. nice idea.


sandhya rao's picture
sandhya rao
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nothhing appreciable but cool of three

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I like this ad because it is very straightforward. You look at it and see a man sleeping in a funny position because he is in such a deep sleep. You can tell he is sick with a cold because of his red nose and he tissue next to his face. In the bottom corner of the image you see the bottle of NyQuil and the caption reads “for a better-looking tomorrow”. In the very bottom corner there is the Vicks logo and slogan. This ad is declaring that with this medicine, you will have the best sleep you possibly can while you have a cold, if you take this medicine. I like this ad because I believe it does that job and grabs the attention of the audience because of the clear, close up image of the sick man in bed. People look at it because his face looks funny because he is passed out due to the cold medicine.

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