Vichy Catalán: Surfer Chihuahua

The new wave of soft drinks.

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Barcelona, Spain
Executive Creative Director: Ramon Sala
Creative Director: Roger Cano
Art Director: Nuria Madrid
Copywriter: Enrique de los Arcos
Illustrator / Digital Artist: Lucas Pigliacampo
Account Management: Zaira Gras, Cristina Capón
Published: April 2013


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Peter Frank
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i think it's dumb.

the new WAVE. ok, let's illustrate an actual wave coming in. and to make it cute let's put a puppy playing the banjo.

if it werent for the WAVE-wave thing, id think this was nice

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Mind Blowing & Very Funny
Rocking Job Guys! Cheers

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Funny. Great art!

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This is possibly the worst thing I have ever seen. Nice job on the imaging, though.

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nice art direction but dont get what the dog got to do with the drink?

groovy baby!

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Bill Me Now
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"If an ad's not working, put a dog in it. If it's still not working, put a bandaid on the dog..." Ha, forgot who came up with that quote, but I think it fits particularly well here!

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wow, this is senseless. horrible ad. but cool, fitting art style.

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Why a Chihuahua?

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All this ad needs is a baby and a kitten.

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