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Koki the pokie bear

bad photoshop...

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good photoshop...

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♥ get lost ad f...
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actually, it's very well retouched. the reason why it looks so fake is not the retouching...
(okay, his head might be a little too big)

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i think the problem is in the neck.. and the skin looks strange too.. like a frankestein or something

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Cute idea, but I don't think the execution is quite there.

You want to say that Grandpa is now a drop-dead sexy stud, 'cos with Viagra now he can bang like a screen door in a hurricane. So why not show a full-body shot? Or even a mid-body shot, show some abs and arms with those pecs.

And that, ladies and gents, is the difference between idea and execution. Thank you, good night, try the veal.

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Stick to copywriting. ;-)

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Well, if I hadn't gone into advertising, I think I might've been a pretty good professional cha-cha dancer. Sigh... the road not taken...

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shut up...

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This is a cool idea. simple and clear. I wonder if it has been done before.

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not sure why dont we just ask someone
who thinks its good work & says
its bad work.
some photoshop nerds around

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are his eye closed because he's getting blown or something? it's just gross and weird.

as for the photoshop comments, i think it's perfectly right to point out bad execution but i think this ad wanted to look fake. there are beefy old men out there they could have photographed but the cheesy retouching gives it intentional humor

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I thought it was to help build strong "bones." Not muscles.

Yes, I DID!

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Disco Munky
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Doin' it for the points

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This campaign is too great for them to have chosen such a pathetic Photoshopper.

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Buena Idea, mal photoshop ***

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the idea is good. but that neck is a little too long

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Pat Bijkerk
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Looks like he's got a stiff neck... Swollow with enough water, grandpa!

Visit me at: http://patrickbijkerk.wordpress.com/

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I don't feel this ad... haha...
no... to be serious. I think it could have been better with a good pp. photoshop work is not perfect... they want to give it a puristic style... so... could have at least get rid of the dirt under granpa's cap. look at your ads before you publish them. I would have never let this ad go out in this condition.

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Disco Munky
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"I don't know Butchie instead"

Doin' it for the points

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photoshop skills aside, not sure about the idea. the link between a hard-on pill and a buff body is a little weak if you ask me.

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Ivan is this a student idea or an agency idea? If so which agency did it?

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very bad...

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And why is it so very bad?

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Disco Munky
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This is rubbish.

The weird thing is that his neck looks like a veiny shlong.......

Doin' it for the points

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♥ get lost ad f...
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what are the odds!

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I think you lot are taking this too seriously.

think the ad is just meant to be funny

the majority of the public aren't gonna be making comments such as "ooo what dreadful photoshop work!"

Also matching half a century's worth of difference in age is sliiiiiightly difficult don't you think?

lighten up.

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Lilibeth Perez

ill stupid he cant have that body gross!

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now, you're a smart one, aren't you...

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