Viagra: Freud

Advertising Agency: Arnoldvuga, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Creative Directors: Martin Mol
Art Director: Barbara Hiti
Copywriter: Martin Mol
Photographer: David Fartek
Account Director: Tanja Gvozdenovic
DTP: Andrej Juvan

February 2008


jazarah's picture
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hahahah :)

Alistair C.'s picture
Alistair C.
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the illustration on which is based is so old, that you can find it on mugs, t-shirts and mouse pad.. that reminds me that mouse pads are disappearing. That old.

ivan's picture

It's not old. It's a classic.

Kateter's picture
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I'm not sure I get it.
what's on a man's mind? Viagra.
is that the idea?

LeeHarvey's picture
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Almost. What's on a man's mind? SEX! What helps you to 'keep up the good work' and have great sex? Viagra. Pretty lame ad btw.

Kateter's picture
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if that's what they're trying to say I agree: pretty lame.

sumsum's picture
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even the titel says that it's sigmund freud. then it makes sense at least. but i agree: pretty lame

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Diego Jarrin's picture
Diego Jarrin
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que horror.

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Ivan is wrong. It's not a classic. It's a used idea which has been converted into an ad. In other's words a logo has been tacked on at the bottom. Which doesn't speak much for creativity.

Garg0yle's picture
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And PLEASE... using the pill to make the illustration is sooo... passe!

catwalk's picture
24 pencils

It's a very good ad. Like it very much. It's also creative to get the idea to use this classic Freud visual for Viagra. Creativity is always yes...creativity is never no.

Martin Mol

stephenakiogbe's picture
12 pencils

just fascinating not clear,and it didnt deliver

catwalk's picture
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We end this bla bla with the first reaction from Jazarah who said: hahahah :)
Nothing more and nothing less.

Martin Mol.
Creative Director.

Martin Mol

Krijn from Botswana.'s picture
Krijn from Botswana.
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Hey Martin... hit lehk erop dattsje wel wat Botswanese Viagra ken gebruihke...
Ik ken je meihn team in Kanye West van hagteh aanbevehleh!

Hagteleihke groehd,


desade's picture
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sure it made me smile. i love Freud.. i find the 'associations' very clear

Brainpower's picture
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The ad has lot's of humor and intelligence. I find it creative and original. Love it.

catwalk's picture
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I am so happy that I do not see comments: has be done...overdone...done and done again. It is my true nightmare. From a honest creative director.


Martin Mol

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