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maybe thats why i never tought about buying a motorbike, i am not impotent ?!?! yet...

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I think a red sports car would've been more appropriate.

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Yeah, totally. This bike makes me think that the guy is hiding a certain element of his sexuality not that he's trying to make up for being impotent.

A red sports car might have been too obvious though.

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reflections reflections...i want to see the cure

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.
Pablo Picasso

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im sorry this campaign needs to be scrapped

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Carlos Duty
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mejor q la otra

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I believe bikers will be pissed off with this one.
They are showing a Harley Davidson. Tss Tss Tss...

What about the blue pill? :D

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i think all these activities keep the man away from wife/girls away for a long time regularly: hunting, cruising n working hard/long hours in office. n that's coz he can't perform. so meet the cure. this one way of looking at it, of course, only the creators can tell what they had in mind.

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Viva La Emily
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Really emphasises male stereotypes hey?

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Its mising the person here, who drives the Harley??? Anywone who uses that kind of moto needs viagra??? And you are missing the target, would the target understand this?? and if they do, dont they would be offended??

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