VH1: Blues guy

The wonderful world of VH1

Global Chief Creative Officer, Tony Granger
Executive Creative Director, Latin America: Guillermo Vega

Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam New York, USA
Executive Creative Directors New York: Ian Reichenthal, Scott Vitrone
Creative Directors: Menno Kluin, Icaro Doria
Art Director: Alexander Nowak
Copywriter: Feliks Richter
Designer / Typographer: Mihail Aleksandrov
Illustrator: Eamo
Art Buyers: Bill Gastinger, Helen O'Neill

March 2010


luispiter's picture
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mmm i dont like this piece...

checkhill's picture
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such a good point made about the music industry, but i actually find protest in these series, against the marketing of music and musicians, i love it :D, but i don't understand how this serves VH1? maybe it says " bizarre world of VH1"? sweet illustrations, just enough information, not sure bout the copy, but it's still kind of ironic and open :) i think reflects perfectly what we are to find if we watched VH1.. Well done :))

alejulimaty's picture
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this one`s not as clear as the other ones

gmint7's picture
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haha i like this best

truth is always funny


whatthefudge's picture
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Talk about singing the blues!

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